CUSTOM EXTRUDING, LLC was organized on February 20,2002. Its mission was to provide the highest quality extruded soybean meal on the market. Since that time, the company has progressed from extruding just soybeans to extruding entire diets consisting of corn, soybeans and oats. The equipment and technology used to provide these high-quality feed products continues to be upgraded as needed.

What is Extrusion?

Cooking through the use of steam, friction and pressure.

What does extrusion accomplish?

Why use extruded feed?

Recent research has shown that extrusion can increase the energy digestibility of the feed by up to 20%

What animals can eat extruded feed?

Moving Forward…

Custom Extruding has continued to supply high quality extruded soybeans to its owners and customers for about ten years.  Due to customer requests we started experimenting with adding corn and oats to the soybeans before extruding them.  Due to demand we have since phased out extruding straight soybeans and now have three different combinations of extruded corn, soybeans and oats that we provide for our customers.

The extrusion process is used for many different types of animal feed including pigs, cattle, goats, horses and pet foods. Currently, the greatest share of our production goes to lactation and nursery pig rations but we also make a dairy ration for lactating dairy cows.

Custom Extruding supplies the extruded product to our customers who then add whatever vitamins and minerals are required to make a complete ration.  We will continue to experiment and develop new ways to satisfy our customers needs with quality being our number one concern.

Custom Extruding allows its local customers to supply grain for the extruding process.  

We also have a grain buyers license so we can buy grain from local farmers to ensure high quality inputs.  Since the fall of 2017, Custom Extruding has transitioned to buying all non-GMO corn for our extrusion process and if the volume is available would like to be all non-GMO in the future.

Payment Options:

Payment is expected and is due at the time of services.  We do not bill out for services rendered.  All major credit/debit cards are accepted; including Mastercard, Visa and Discover. We also accept checks and cash for payment.

Getting Started:

Custom Extruding is a local farmer owned LLC that was originally started to provide high quality extruded soybean meal for the members who were pork producers.

Bruce Bot, a local farrow -to-finish pork producer was using extruded soybeans in his farrowing house and nursery.  In 2001 he was visiting with his cousin Eric Bot who was running his own feed business at the time about the problem he was having getting properly cooked extruded soybeans for his pigs.  The extruded beans would sometimes be overcooked (which ties up some of the protein availability) but most of the time they were undercooked (which would not deactivate the trypsin inhibitor that causes young pigs to scour).  Eric and Bruce decided after much discussion and trying several other suppliers that starting their own plant, where they could control quality, was the only viable option.  They put together a plan and presented it to some other pork producers in the area and in February of 2002 Custom Extruding LLC was formed.  Eric Bot was appointed General Manager and has continued to manage the plant up to the present time.